Почему трудно продвигать одноразовую квадратную биоразлагаемую упаковочную коробку для жомы

              Dongguan sunzza supply Disposable square biodegradable bagasse packaging box is good for restaurant fast food take out packaging ,such as hamberger /french fries,it can be customize in different color and size ,it is welcomed by the market Because of its degradable environmental protection .
         With the implementation of the "plastic limit" in various countries, degradable sugarcane is a key material to replace existing plastic .Espeically Disposable Square Biodegradable Bagasse Packaging Box is popular in the catering industry.Although it is waterproof and oil-proof, and look luxury simple, but the price higher than plastic products, so it is difficult to promotion widely. Now it is mainly in high demand for some high-end restaurants and private baking, which are used for hamburgers, lunch, cakes and desserts.

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